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All those affected by burn injuries engaging with the AARBF deserve and are entitled to rights. Read the Burn Survivor Bill of Rights →

AARBF supports more than 1,000 burn survivors and family members with a variety of supportive services, including fun camps and outings for members of the burn survivor community.

Dates and activities are subject to change due to health and safety restrictions.



Young Adult Summit

February 17-20, 2023

The Retreat


The Adult Retreat

February 17-20, 2023



Champ Camp

June 10-17, 2023

The Getaway


The Getaway Family Camp

September 2-4, 2023



Child Regional Program

Statewide Ski Trip

March 10-12, 2023


Child Regional Program

Child Regional Program


Child Regional Program

Outdoor Trip

July 2023


Child Regional Program

Kayak Event 2021 (7)

Adult Day Program

Kayak Event 2021 (7)

Adult Day Program

Northern California Kayaking Trip



Adult Day Program

Hiking Trip – All Regions

Varies by location


Family Day Events

Sporting Events

Varies by Location


Family Day Events


Family Day Events

Holiday Party

December 2022

Come join the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation every month virtually through zoom, no matter where you are located in California or in the world for connection, support, and an opportunity to express yourself.

Movement Expression

(January, May and September)

Art Expression

(February, June and October)

Writing Expression

(March, July and November)

Music Expression

(April and August)

Burn survivors and family members have a lot of questions—and AARBF has the answers. Find comfort in the company of those who understand.

Hospital Visits

(For survivors and family members)

Support Groups


Peer Support

(Phone calls and in-person)

Re-entry Program

(For work or school)

Emergency financial, food, and transportation assistance for burn survivors and their families is offered on a case-by-case basis.

In Hospital Aid

  • Gas Cards
  • Grocery Cards
  • Target Cards
  • Hotel Stays

Post Discharge Aid

  • Cosmetic and image support
  • Medical Supplies