Camp and Recreation Programs – Communicable Disease Plan (CDP)

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Camp and Recreation Programs – Communicable Disease Plan (CDP)

Purpose Statement

The Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation (AARBF) prides itself on providing a safe and healthy environment in which burn survivors, volunteers, and staff can come together to meet the mission and objectives of the organization. When communicable illness presents itself, it can negatively impact the mission and objectives in negative ways. This Communicable Disease Plan outlines the prevention, response, recovery, and mitigation policies along with procedures to lower the impact of a communicable disease on our programs. Some policies and procedures are subject to change depending on the rate of disease transmission, severity of symptoms, and availability of treatment for a disease.

For the purpose of this document, when describing Participants, Campers, Parents, and Staff, they will encompass the following:

  • Participant: All Participants/Campers and Counselors In Training (CITs) as identified in the Volunteer Manual
  • Parent: Any legal guardian of a Participant who is under the age of 18
  • Staff/Volunteer: Any Volunteer, Program Staff, Support Staff, Medical Staff, or Foundation employee as identified in the Volunteer Manual.
  • It is understood that, at times, some staff members are given approval for their child to be on site for certain programs. It is also understood, for the purpose of this document, that all staff children and their childcare must meet all of the same guidelines as those identified as “Staff” or what is identified as age appropriate. (i.e. a staff member’s child shall meet the guidelines set forth for participants/campers).

The Communicable Disease Plan Team (CDP Team) consists of  the following: Medical staff, Event Director, Foundation Representative, Operations Manager, and Board Representative.

Click on the link to download the full plan.