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Not everyone is comfortable in a group setting, which is why the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation offers one-on-one Peer Support. Peer Support is a power tool for healing from a burn trauma. There is something magical that happens when one survivor sits and shares their experience and healing process with another. Peer support can relieve the feeling of being all alone in your experience. Peer support can come in many forms; a burn survivor talking to another burn survivor, a parent talking to another parent or loved one. This service is not limited to burn survivors. A burn injury can affect the entire family, caregivers and other loved ones.

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    Peer supporters are trained volunteers who are interested in giving back to others once they have reached the other side of acute healing from their own trauma. One of the powers of peer support it is helps the person providing it as much as it does the newer survivor. It is an important part of the medical, emotional and psychological healing process – it provides hope.

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