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Firefighters In Safety Education

The Firefighters in Safety Education (FISE) program provides free burn prevention education and materials to thousands of elementary aged school children every year. Since 2001, FISE has partnered with seven Fire Departments to educate over 70,000 students, including 8,000 students in the San Francisco School District, annually.

Senior Prevention and Risk Conversations

SPARC is an acronym for Senior Prevention and Risk Conversations. It is an interactive and customized program designed to engage older adults, ages 55 years and older, in conversations about fire and burn safety, in a comfortable and casual environment.

Wildfire Preparedness

California has seen the most destructive and deadly wildfires over the past recent years due to a number of reasons, learn more about AARBF’s response to prevention and assisting those who have been impacted.

Safe and Warm

Burn Centers and fire departments throughout California are seeing an increased number of patients from the unhoused communities.  Safe and Warm is designed to meet the unique needs of this population to prevent fires and burns through education and outreach.

Lucky the Fire Burping Dragon

Follow Lucky the Fire Burping Dragon as he learns about fire and burn safety from his friend Firefighter Dave. This puppet show was developed to teach children under the age of 5 about fire and burn prevention education, and is fun for the whole family!

Meet the Johnsons

Meet the Johnsons is children’s book series about fire and burn safety written by Jennifer Radics-Johnson and illustrated by Alexandra Hall-Pinner.

N.I.C.K. for Fire and Burn Safety

The Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation (AARBF), in partnership with Pyramid Educational Consultants, developed the N.I.C.K. (Neurotypical Independent Communication Kit) for Fire and Burn Safety, to bring fire and burn safety education to individuals with autism spectrum disorder, developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and communication challenges.

BeSafe Tool

The goal of any fire safety training is to create behavior change in our audience. We want them to be able to take steps to avoid an emergency and, if one does happen, know the correct action to take.

The Behavioral Evaluation and Safety Assessment for Fire Education Tool (BeSafe Tool) is a tool that can easily be used by the fire service and fire safety advocates to evaluate their existing programs’ effectiveness in creating behavioral change, or that could also be applied to any new programs they may create.


The IMPAC-Tool is a new, free, online resource to help you make your fire and burn safety messages more effective. It is undergoing beta testing as of this time and will be available in the very near future.

Youth Fire Setting Programs in California

YFS programs are comprehensive, multi-agency juvenile fire setter intervention programs for juvenile fire setters and their families, designed to address the issue of child-set fires in California.

Prevention Materials

AARBF provides scald prevention, burn prevention and fire safety materials in English and Spanish. In 2010, AARBF gave away free materials to 13,000 California residents.

Health & Safety Fairs

Contact us via the form below to request burn prevention materials or to invite AARBF to attend your health and safety fair.