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As COVID-19 continues to be a health threat taken seriously for AARBF’s recreation programs, camps, and in-person events, the safety of the staff, volunteers, burn survivors and communities that we serve will always be a top priority. The pandemic gave us opportunities to engage and connect through virtual activities, many of which continue today to serve the widest community we can. From adversity came growth and innovation.

We have offered, and will continue to offer, online support groups, virtual resources, video expression series meetings, webinars, hospital e-visits and online burn prevention education resources and materials. We remain committed to our mission “to significantly reduce the number of burn injuries through prevention education and to enhance the quality of life of those affected by burn injuries in California” through all circumstances, uncertain or not. Our blend of in-person programs and wide-reaching virtual opportunities helps us meet the challenge in many ways.

As best practice, we continue to monitor the Centers for Disease Control policies and recommendations for updates on the coronavirus and any communicable diseases for recommendations we need to consider as a community, organization, and as individuals to keep ourselves healthy and safe. Our camps policies for communicable diseases is reviewed and updated every year—click here for the current version.

We hope that by sharing our policies and procedures you will have a better understanding of the thought and care that have been put into ensuring that your health and safety remain our top priority.

For more information about AARBF’s health measures contact Daniel Chacon at or 415-495-7223 extension 180.

In health and safety,

Daniel W. Chacon, BA
Executive Director