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Hiking Tips and Safety

Hi, Kimchi here! I am an avid hiker who started hiking in adulthood. I have managed to hike and do distance runs despite congenital spinal abnormalities and various injuries. I encourage you to get out there in whatever way you can – it can start with a 5-minute walk! This video has some of the basics to get you started with the confidence that you can be safe in the outdoors and have a great time, too!

Please make sure to always check the weather while planning your hike and on the day of the hike! Also make sure to check if the trails are open. Below are some links to websites that are great tools to use while planning your hike. As always, please be respectful of our beautiful Earth and stay on the marked trails, pick up all your trash, and leave the wildlife be.

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An Essential Guide To Enjoying National Parks Responsibly


Here is a list of some great hikes in your regions:


Northern California:


Boiling Springs (Lassen Volcanic National Parko, CA)

Carruthers Cove Trail (Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, CA)


Deer Gulch Trail (Freemont, CA)

Palomares Road (Castro Valley, CA)

Central California:


Bethany Pools  (Badger, CA)

Potwisha Campgroup Trail (Three Rivers, CA)

Bennettsville Mine Trail (Yosemite, CA)


Lembert Dome Loop (Yosemite, CA)

Clouds Rest (Yosemite, CA)

Southern California:


Salt Creek Interpretive Trail (Death Valley, CA)

Yucca Point Trail (Del Mar, CA)


Solstice Canyon Loop (Santa Monica, CA)

El Moro Canyon Loop Trail (Laguna Beach, CA)

Brush Canyon (Griffith Park, CA)