How to Properly Cough in Public

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How to Properly Cough in Public

Hi, my name is Rana “Lil Bear”. In 2012, I had been accepted into a nursing program in San Francisco and found myself with free hours throughout the week. I wanted to volunteer my time and remembered AARBF from my grandmother’s hospitalization from a burn injury. Unfortunately, she passed away due to complications from her burn injury, and I felt volunteering with AARBF would be a great way to honor her.

I created this video to help show our campers (and anyone!) with best practices for how to keep germs from spreading to those around us while we cough. There are two main points to remember. First, cough into your elbow, or if wearing a mask, keep your mask in place when coughing. Second, always wash your hands after!

A fun fact about me – I worked in a deli my whole life and can make a mean sandwich!

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