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Rana Stephan

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Rana Stephan

Rana “Lil Bear” Stephan is a registered nurse at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, Burn Unit.  She has the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation to thank for the many wonderful occurrences in her life.  She was first introduced to the AARBF while visiting her grandmother at St. Francis Bothin Burn Center in San Francisco.  Unfortunately, her grandmother did not survive her injuries but Rana believes she became her guardian angel.

Rana has attended many AARBF events and helps run the infirmary during Champ Camp.  At Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, Rana co-facilitates monthly support groups and is a co-coordinator for the Phoenix Society’s Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery program.  She is ecstatic to be part of the Board of Directors and serve as the chair of the Programs Committee.

In the last year, Rana has graduated with her Masters Degree from Samuel Merritt Nurse Practitioner Program and is undergoing her licensing and certification.  She recently married Evan “Kitty” Ferreira, another AARBF volunteer who participates at many events, including Champ Camp.  She enjoys spending time with her family, especially her adorable nieces and nephews.