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Development Director

Elisa Brooke

Elisa comes to AARBF with over 13 years of development experience.  She brings an unwavering commitment to advancing the missions of non-profit organizations, having previously worked in development for national non-profit California chapters, including Meals on Wheels, Epilepsy Foundation, and Defy Ventures.

Elisa is excited to join the AARBF team as the new Director of Development. She looks forward to the opportunity to interact and work alongside the incredible AARBF Community and to being a part of the continuing growth and impact of AARBF.

She demonstrates a keen understanding of resource mobilization and successful fundraising strategies, resulting in securing significant financial support, enabling each organization to expand their reach and increase their impact to make meaningful change in the communities they serve. In 2022 Elisa and her team won the city’s “Most loved NGO of the year” for their organization. In 2021 she helped lead two statewide trainings for 85 local non-profits on Community Partnerships and Capacity Building. In 2020 Elisa oversaw and managed the nation’s biggest Epilepsy walk and fundraiser. In 2018 Elisa co-created, and secured funding for California’s first ever in-prison dinner program with volunteers.

Elisa has also served as a consultant for non-profit organizations of all sizes, focused on building out strategic fundraising plans and campaigns, expanding outreach, and improving and developing internal structures and programs.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Elisa is committed to giving back to the community. She actively serves on a local board and volunteers for organizations dedicated to improving social welfare and equality.