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June 24, 2021

Managing Anxiety

This video will look at how anxiety effects burn survivors and tools to address anxiety. James Bosch is a psychotherapist and burn survivor in California. James volunteered ...

June 2, 2020

Body Image

Body image is such a difficult topic for burn survivors who have visual differences as a result of their trauma. This video will talk about ...

June 2, 2020


Depression is a common response to trauma recovery. This video will talk about depression and how to address it. James Bosch is a psychotherapist and ...

June 2, 2020


Many burn and trauma survivors struggle with isolation. This video will explore the different types of isolation and how to move out of it. James ...

June 2, 2020

Pain Management

Acute and chronic pain are so hard to manage for many burn and trauma survivors. this video will talk about the problem of pain and ...

April 27, 2018

Children & Recovery from Wildfires

Helping children and families respond to the psychological impact of wildfires. Developed by Sadie Wilcox and Hania Thomas-Adams for the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation ...