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Meet Our Cohort 1 Interns

Pradnya Bergdahl - Prevention Intern, Central Region

Pradnya was introduced to the AARBF shortly after her burn injury in 2011. She has enjoyed participating in foundation events as a camper and CIT and is looking forward to being a counselor and intern. She is excited to expand her knowledge on all of the different prevention programs the foundation has to offer and get the hands-on experience of sharing the prevention message along. Pradnya stated, “I am looking forward to working alongside the staff to represent the foundation at different F.I.S.E trainings and S.P.A.R.C presentations.”

Elise Morris - Survivor Services Intern, Central Region

At seventeen years old, Elise is our youngest intern! She is looking forward to her senior year in high school and has taken advantage of some special classes available on campus including, Introduction to Health Careers, Medical Technology and Nurse Assist. Elise stated, “l aspire to be a Registered Nurse, and specifically work in the burn unit because I, myself am a burn survivor.” She has been a part of the foundation for nine years and is excited to have the opportunity to give back as well as pay it forward to other burn survivors.

Megan McKeon - Development Intern (state-wide)

Megan was just seven years old when she became involved with the foundation. Her involvement began with Champ Camp, where she started out as a camper. Over the years, she made her way through the programs and became a Counselor in Training, and then a counselor herself in 2021. She has participated in many AARBF events throughout the year, and has also shared her survival story via news media on behalf of AARBF, and The Clovis Dinner and Dance Fundraiser. Megan is also serving on the Young Adult Council with AARBF. Megan is super excited to be able to give back to foundation. Megan stated, “over fourteen years of being involved in camp, and having the foundation give so much to me, I am ready to do what I can to help spread the word about AARBF.” Having the opportunity to work alongside the staff who has made such an impact in her life is something she has always dreamed of doing.

Lexie Khounphithack - Survivor Services Intern, Northern Region

Lexie has been with the foundation since 2016. She is really excited to start her internship and be a part of the organization for the next six months, because she wants to give back her time and all of the hours the staff has spent working towards the events and supporting the survivors. Lexie stated, “I truly cannot wait to be the Northern California Survivor Services Intern and to be working alongside the amazing Scott.”

Arely Grageola - Survivor Services Intern, Southern Region

Arely is a burn survivor that first got in touch with AARBF through Shriners hospital seventeen years ago. She has been a part of Champ Camp as a camper and has volunteered for most of the events held throughout the year in Southern California. Arely stated, “I am thrilled to be the new Southern California Survivor Services Intern for the next few months and work alongside Margarita.” She hopes to learn from all the amazing staff and to leave her mark on the foundation similar to how the foundation has been marking her life throughout the years.

Amber Villasenor - Prevention Intern, Southern Region

Amber has been a volunteer for the foundation for six years. Amber states, “my goal is to think outside the box and bring new creative ideas to the foundation.” She is excited to get started on helping to bring awareness about ways to prevent burns as well as share the amazing programs that AARFB offers to the community.