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AARBF Anthem with Vocals

AARBF Anthem Instrumental Only

We invite you to join in the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation by creating an AARBF Anthem video and submitting it to us. We will be selecting portions of submitted videos to create a compilation video that will be shown at the 50th Anniversary Gala!

Use your creative talent to make this anthem your own. You can sing, rap, read, or play an instrument. Not musically inclined, that’s okay! You can also draw or paint images reflecting the anthem’s theme and create a video showing us your artwork in time with the music. Whatever your creative outlet, we would love to see it!

When your video is ready, please post it on social media – tag us @aarbf and use the hashtags #aarbf50 #aarbfgottalent #aarbfanthem.

We would also like you to send your video directly to us, using WeTransfer, to info@aarbf.org.

We must receive your video by August 13, 2021 to be considered for inclusion in the AARBF Anthem video shown at our 50th Anniversary Gala.

Anthem Lyrics

Helpful Hints:

Read through the words a few times, out loud, before trying to sing along!

Use headphones to play the song as you are singing along!

Sample Video from Baby Bear!