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On September 9, 2010, an explosion shook San Bruno, a small community immediately south of AARBF’s San Francisco office. The explosion destroyed 37 homes, killed 7 people, and sent many residents to Bay Area hospitals for burns and other injuries.

The Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation understands that burn survivors who suffer immediate, life-threatening situations require greater levels of assistance. When a sudden influx of devastated individuals taxes the limits of what local agencies can provide, getting the basic necessities, proper health care, or housing becomes a rampant issue. People, especially burn survivors, remain in great need long after disaster relief agencies leave an area.

AARBF is committed to providing assistance to burn survivors experiencing life-threatening, emergency situations for as long as it can, according to what their needs actually are. That is why we created the Burn Survivor Emergency Relief Fund – to provide timely and comprehensive assistance to burn survivors affected by the San Bruno explosion and other life-changing disasters.

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