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2021 Ruch Family Circle Award

2021 Ruch Family Circle Award

James “Jamba” Bosch

The 2021 Ruch Family Circle Award goes to the fabulous James Bosch!

James “Jamba” Bosch, LMFT has been involved with the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation since 1994 when he became a Champ Camp Counselor with the Rancheros. Since then, he has volunteered for YAS, Ski Trips, Stop Drop and Roll Ride and many Regional Events. He was hired to work for AARBF as a part-time Program Director- then soon became full-time employment, all while leading AARBF to relationships with Burn Units throughout the state of California. He also led The Family Camp. James helped develop the “What Now? Going Home: A guide for Burn Survivors and Their Loved Ones” brochure, the Counselor in Training (CIT) program and The Back to School program with Dragon Story.  He was part of a team that helped move all of these projects forward. James has served on the AARBF Board in NCA, and currently serves in the Advisory Board: this includes work on many committees.

James says “Thank you for the honor, I feel undeserving of this award-, this has been a labor of love, and I believe in the AARBF mission”. One of James’ fondest memories while volunteering for the organizations was a magical moment, he says “one year during the ski trip while driving in the car with burn survivors, and other volunteers- we were all singing and it was then that I realized the connection between all the volunteers & the kids- there is no connection like it- when you can fully be yourself”.

We feel very fortunate to have this long-term relationship with James Bosch. He is state-wide and nationally known for his work and dedication to the burn community. James is often the first person who comes to mind when the foundation is looking at improving current survivor services or starting something new. Last year, when we experienced the lock-downs and restrictions, James jumped in and provided us with helpful videos, tip sheets and more for our new Multimedia Resource Library. You will often find his contributions featured on our social media #WellnessWednesday posts.

Thank you, James for all that you do to support our wonderful burn community!