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2021 Champy-on Award

2021 Champy-on Award

Steven “Knuckles” Knuckles

Our Champy-On Award goes to someone who has been an essential person to Champ Camp for more than 20 years! Congratulations to none other than our amazing Steven “Knuckles” Knuckles.

Steven is all things safety. He allows us to have a safe camp experience! We like to him of him as our Wonder Valley Ranch Liaison. He works with the lifeguards, ranch staff, Champ Camp volunteers to make sure that each camper has a safe and memorable time at camp.

As an “young pup” Steven was a part of the Central Coast burn Relay in the late 80’s. Steven was introduced to the Foundation through Smiley in 1994. After driving through miles and miles of orange orchards leading up to Wonder Valley, Steven found himself in a place that would soon change his life! 26 years later, Steven is still an incredible asset to Champ Camp.

One of his favorite memories from Champ Camp is seeing kids grow in their confidence year after year. There is one survivor in particular that holds a special place in Steven’s heart. This young survivor showed up to camp his first year in long sleeves, jeans, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. He spent all week dressed this way! He was a very shy camper. But the next year, he sauntered off the bus in a tank top, board shorts, cowboy hats and of course his boots! Over the course of a year, his confidence shot through the roof. Steven said that this young survivor was teaching other campers how to use a lasso! Steven says that seeing this growth in survivors really made him reflect back and think about just how much himself and the Foundation positive impact each survivor that walks through camp.

Steven says that the people, volunteers and survivors, are what keeps him coming back to camp year after year. “The quality of people at camp made refocus a lot of things in my life. It made me focus on what I should strive to be like. If I could be half the person these volunteers are, I would be happy”.

We are so thankful for the amazing work that Steven has and continues to do for AARBF and Champ Camp. The time you commit to our foundation does not go unnoticed and we are so happy that you all found your way to become part of the AARBF family!