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2020 Peoples Choice Award

2020 Peoples Choice Award

Jeff "Ricky Rescue" Martin

AARBF’s People Choice Award for 2020 goes to … Jeff “Ricky Rescue” Martin!!

Ricky Rescue is a retired Gilroy area CAL Fire Firefighter who dedicated himself for 35 years to the fire service. For 31 of those years, he has been involved with AARBF! In 1989, the department was looking for an organization to donate to through their golf tournament and AARBF was the chosen non-profit! During the event, the organization had an ambassador handing out pamphlets and providing more information about the Foundation’s services. Ricky rescue said, “all the information and pictures got me hooked.” Ricky Rescue and Colonel decided to volunteer for Champ Camp that same year and were hooked ever since.

Ricky Rescue was nominated this year for his many years of volunteerism, recruiting many others and for being someone who can always be counted on. He shared that he continues to volunteer with AARBF, “Because it seems to make a difference for the kids to be able to be out and do stuff and not be shy about it. It keeps them active and it is also really cool to meet the families of the survivors.”

Ricky Rescue has not only been a part of Champ Camp for about 30 years and 23 of those years he was a counselor, but he has also joined other events like; the fishing trip, Outdoor trip (has been a part of this one from it’s first year), Holiday parties, Ski Trip, Monterey Bay Aquarium Sleepover, Surf Trip and Burn Relays!

At Champ Camp he mentioned that a funny memory is, “Doing all the dress ups for flag pole is fun, I’m not one that really likes to do it but once you get into it and the kids get involved and excited, it’s cool. I plan to be a part of AARBF as long as I am healthy and able to, I look forward to it!”

We appreciate you always lending a hand and being willing and able to help. We are so grateful for your many years of service, not just to AARBF, but to the community as well! We also look forward to having you be a part our AARBF family for as many years as possible! Thank you, Ricky Rescue!