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2020 Community Partner Award

2020 Community Partner Award

The Angel Flight West Team

We are so thankful and would like to once more congratulate our Community Partner for their 2020 award … The Angel Flight West Team!!

Angel Flight West is also a non-profit organization that provides transportation for many different causes throughout California. For AARBF, we are able to count on Angel Flight to provide transportation to our survivors not just to attend Champ Camp but also to be able to attend different regional events throughout the year!

Their mission aligns with ours, and Angel Flight thinks of supporting us as an extension of providing medical flights. The reasoning behind it arose from Lisa “Ebby” Powell who requested a partnership and explained how crucial Champ Camp is for the survivors. It is important for them to learn, grow and be a part of something. Additionally, some of the kids get medical attention at camp they might not otherwise be able to get back home. The Associate Executive Director, Cheri Cimmarrusti shared, “The pilots love flying the kids. The enjoy seeing the excitement they have on the flights to camp and even more-so the excitement they express when they’re on their way home. Some kids sleep all the way home or cry most of their way home at the end of camp. All of those things just connect to the pilots in helping them see how important camp really is for them all.”

Cheri also had a funny memory to share about a kiddo that the pilot was not able to get a hold of. When the camp director (Ebby) was asked to help she called AF back laughing! She said that all of a sudden while on the phone with the survivor’s mom, she heard big screaming and a racquet. She asked what all the racquet was about and the survivor responded, “Oh my sister let the chickens in again”. This was such a unique and funny memory that she wanted to share. They also have a lot of funny memories of survivors packing way too much for the small aircrafts and having to condense suitcases by pulling things out right outside of the aircraft itself!

Angel flight has such a sweet spot for the survivors, they see them grow just as AARBF does. They even have one survivor that has impacted them so much, they have posted a picture on their wall of the survivor with a pilot. The pilots truly love Champ Camp, it’s their favorite and for some, it is the only event they volunteer to fly for year after year.

Angel flight West Team, we cannot come up with the words to express how much we appreciate you all and the pilots for everything you do for us. Without you, many kids would not be able to make it events like Champ Camp that are truly life changing.

We hope you are all well and safe and look forward to continuing are partnership for as many years as we are able to. Congratulations!

The entire CRMC – Burn Unit team has been involved in various fundraising and burn survivor service efforts for AARBF however, we were able to speak with Shana Henry, the Aftercare Specialist & Nurse regarding their Volunteer Appreciation Award win. She said, “We feel it’s imperative to build community partnerships with those that are able to assist us in the complex care of burn survivors. We are so thankful for AARBF’s programs that serve as adjunct resources for our patients. To date our favorite AARBF activity is champ camp. We try to send a couple staff members yearly as well as bring a team to participate in the chili cook-off. We use this event to build comradery amongst are team and further engage our team members. They love it!”

The CRMC Burn Unit is a crucial community partner and without them, we would not be able to accomplish the good work we do in the Central Valley!