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2020 Burn Prevention Awards

2020 Burn Prevention Awards

Central Region: Clovis Fire Department

AARBF’s Central California Burn Prevention Award for 2020 goes to the Clovis Fire Department for being a strong leader of the FISE (Firefighter’s in Safety Education) program in the Central Region!

The Clovis Fire Department members are involved with AARBF in many ways, like fundraising and survivor services program, but this year we would like to recognize them for their strong burn prevention education efforts in their community.

Unfortunately, Clovis FD had to cancel their prevention efforts during the recession that affected everyone. When things started to look up, Chad Fitzgerald (Life Safety Manager) and Chris Bridger (Fire Captain) were able to sit down together to brainstorm a plan to implement FISE into Clovis FD. FISE is a structed fire prevention program that allows us to measure the progress of student’s learning through pre and post testing about fire safety. The statistics are then shared with the fire department, school, district and AARBF. As a community, these statistics are key in demonstrating the importance of fire prevention education at an early stage in life.

Clovis FD along with Clovis Unified School District (CUSD), as a partner in this endeavor were able to team to up with AARBF to provide the Clovis community a strong burn prevention program. Clovis Unified has played a vital role in creating a strong prevention program with Clovis FD through scheduling assemblies for the presentation, playing an active role for online testing and being open to the program. Without CUSD, it would be extremely difficult to push forth FISE and allowing the engraining of this important life-saving information at an early age.

When asked, why Clovis FD continues to be a partner with AARBF, Chad responded in his very wise words, “We have a shared effort towards a common goal and when you have community partners it is important to not duplicate efforts but instead maximize those efforts. That is what we have with AARBF, it makes it easier for the overall mission to be accomplished.” Chris pointed out, “For us we see the need and are definitely a group that always wants to find ways to give back to the community and this partnership is something that is very close to us. AARBF’s mission lines up with our mission too. With FISE, our priority is to keep our community safe so when we teach the kids fire safety practices, it grows into a safer community as well.”

Not only are we thankful to Clovis FD for being a key partner and leader in burn prevention education, but also for the many other ways they support AARBF! Many of their firefighters have become Champ Camp counselors, and always have a team for Chili Cook-Off! Clovis FD also hosts an amazing Clovis Dinner and Dance that raises a very generous amount of donations that they share through the Central Valley Burn relay. We are also very grateful for the office space they have provided to our Central Region team for the past 5 years! We appreciate Clovis FD for always been willing to lend a hand year-round!

Northern Region: Roseville Fire Department

The Roseville Fire Department is our recipient for the 2020, AARBF Northern California Burn Prevention Award!

Jeff Peterson has been a champion for FISE (Firefighters in Safety Education) within Roseville FD and to many other departments in the Northern Region. Jeff has spoken to our Northern California Regional Manager about how FISE has been such a success for their department, the firefighters and the schools! FISE is a program that everyone has been able to adapt to so easily because it is  information was already familiar, the program simply added structure to the curriculum  to make is easier to present. Having this program in place has been invaluable in teaching the students.

In addition to Jeff leading FISE, Jaime “Summer” Garrett who is also part of the department has dedicated over 10 years to AARBF in the Survivor Services side.

We are grateful for Roseville Fire Department in keeping their community safe and spreading as much burn prevention education as they can!

Southern Region: Jasmin “Nemo” Paneda

The Southern Region Burn Prevention Award for 2020, has been awarded to Jasmin “Nemo” Paneda!

As a burn survivor herself, Nemo became a part of AARBF by attending the Young Adult Summit (YAS) in 2010 followed by Champ Camp for her senior year and then the following year as a CIT (Counselor in Training). Life happened, as it does to many of us, and she was unable to come back for a few years. She then volunteered as a counselor for a winter camp for burn survivors through another organization. Being surrounded by many survivors and family members reminded her of AARBF and it made her miss her “roots”. This is when she reached out to our Southern California Senior Regional manager Margarita and began volunteering in the office.

During her office work volunteering, she eased her way into becoming the FISE (Firefighters in Safety Education) Intern for the Southern region. She saw how much work the FISE program was and is and said that she couldn’t imagine not lending a hand, soon enough she was able to be the primary contact for the fire departments.

Nemo expressed, “I care about the Foundation, it changed my life. As a teen it changed my life, so I wanted to bring a bit of feeling that was brought up for me and help others understand they belong somewhere and are not alone.” She also is very grateful for Margarita, “She puts in a lot of work and I don’t know how she does it.” Everyone that is part of AARBF is passionate about the work that they do and that is why they continue to be involved in many different realms.

Margarita and AARBF are very appreciate of the amazing help and strength you have brought to the burn prevention realm in Southern California, we thank you and look forward to many more years together!