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From Dragon Tale, Story by: Sandee Oliver, R.N, Edited by: Marilyn Groussman, M.S.W. Illustrated by: Glenn Denna, University of Utah Hospital Copyright © 1988 Intermountain Burn Center Jeffrey R. Saffle, M.D., Director


Burn injuries are some of the most painful injuries that a person can experience, and may take years of surgeries and treatment to fully heal.  However, for many burn survivors, the emotional difficulties of readjusting to the world after their injuries can be almost as hard, if not harder, than their physical recovery.  Due to the fact that burns can so dramatically change a survivor’s appearance, they can be bullied, stared at, or treated inferior to others, causing new activities like going back to school, to be a scary prospect.

To help support school-aged burn survivors, AARBF provides Back-to-School presentations at the survivors’ school to ensure an environment of acceptance by talking about the physical and emotional ramifications of a burn injury, give peers the opportunity to ask questions about burns and burn injuries, and to teach essential burn prevention and fire safety messages. The Back to School presentation educates children in the K-12 school grades. The presentation also touches on burn prevention, like how to create exit drills in the home in case of a fire and when to “Stop, Drop, and Roll.” This presentation is catered to the needs of the school based on grade, age, size of the group (classroom, or assembly presentation), and time limits.

Contact your local office for more information or to request a Back-to-School presentation.


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